District Info » PTO and TSEF


The Trinidad School Education Foundation (TSEF) partners with Trinidad School to fund the school’s art, music, drama, photography, and organic gardening programs. We also fund other projects designed to enrich the experience of all students of the school’s diverse student body. While some of the activities we fund are electives, such as photography and drama, TSEF’s fundraising helps support an accomplished artist in residence full time to teach art to all grades. In addition to teaching music twice a week to grades TK through 8th, the school’s music teacher provides electives like steel drum band, percussion, and band lessons before and after school. The successful organic gardening program provides fresh produce for student lunches. TSEF also provides one-time funding for teacher requests, such as the five wooden picnic tables we recently purchased so that classes can learn outside in good weather or the score board we purchased for the gymnasium. We also provide stipends to all the teachers at the beginning of the school year.