From the Studio

Ms. Thao's drawing of poppy flowers.
Hello wonderful students, 
I can't tell you how much I'm missing your smiling
faces and making art with you.  I'm in my studio at
the moment, and it is very lonely without your
exciting creative energy.  So I'm going to practice
the wisdom of the great art masters from history:
"As long as we are making art, we are together."
This is a good time to practice your drawing skills
at home.  All you need is a pencil and some
paper.  Warm up by drawing the nature outside
your window or a self portrait in the mirror.  Ask 
your family to pose for you.  Come on, show off
your art skills. 
Here is a quick one hour drawing of some poppies
on my dining room table.  I will come up with some
wonderful art lessons, so be sure to keep checking in.
can't wait to give you a tour of my art studio too!
Be sure to check my google classroom for assignments 
and activities.  My class code is osnhhpg.