Reopening Plan

Trinidad Union School District Distance Learning Plan
August 2020

Dear Trinidad Students and Families, 

Trinidad Union School District (TUSD) is committed to supporting students socially, emotionally, and academically during this period of school closures. TUSD staff strives to reduce the negative impact of school closures on our students’ educational progress and to provide support to families during this difficult time. These efforts cannot possibly replicate the rich variety of experiences that we offer on campus, and many aspects of the TUSD experience will be lost during these closures. However, TUSD is committed to providing educational programs to advance the educational and personal well being of our students during school closures.

This plan is meant to describe the foundational level of support that students and families will experience in the coming period of time. We will depend on feedback from staff, students, and parents as we continually strive to improve our program. This plan has been updated to reflect Senate Bill 98, new legislation regarding distance learning. The plan is a living document and may change as we get more information from Public Health Departments. It will serve as a model for future full and partial closures as our community continues to deal with the implications of this pandemic. 

TUSD is grateful to our Board of Trustees, our professional educators and support staff, and the Trinidad community for its ongoing collaboration.  Our shared goal of caring for our students will require cooperation, goodwill, and patience. This year, we hope to see families truly partner with our teachers to provide students with educational experiences that provide academic learning and build connection, community, and compassion.

The District has the following goals for our students and families during Distance Learning:
To maintain essential services for students and families.
To maintain and improve communication, connection, and relationships between school
staff and students/families.
To ensure that students progress toward essential standards.
To provide supplemental enrichment activities for students and families during school
Alyse E. Nichols 

Alyse E. Nichols