Distance Learning Program: Class of 2022 Online!

Welcome Families, you will need to regularly check in on our Google Classroom Site. Here is a link for that:
Here is the class code as well: pztryo6
The google classroom site will be the hub of our online learning experience!
ALSO, you may participate in any of the following classrooms:
Mr. Jesse's Music: 
Ms. Thao's ART:  jnopxij
Mr. Lovitt's PHOTOGRAPHY: ra6xrzk
6th - 8th Grade Library: bft44p3
Literary Winners:
When I am bored I do many different things. For example I will start a project or make up a game. Also sometimes i will find random things to do like this week my mom and i redid my whole room and went through everything also cleaning it and it's really cool. When I'm bored i like to be around people because there are many different things to do with people rather than by yourself. I am bored right now because i can't see  people.
 I don't really want to be “bored”, so i'm not. People's versions of being bored are watching tv, sitting around, playing on a screen, scrolling through their phone, etc. If i say i'm bored i get chores. I would love to be able to go on a screen or do almost anything I wanted to. I focus on the thing that I'm doing, yeah. I am also really happy when I get a chance to be alone.
What I usually do when i'm bored i like to ride my bike or go skateboarding. But I usually like to hang out with other friends so we can do stuff together.