Distance Learning Program: Class of 2022 Online!

Welcome Families, you will need to regularly check in on our Google Classroom Site. Here is a link for that:
Here is the class code as well: pztryo6
The google classroom site will be the hub of our online learning experience!
ALSO, you may participate in any of the following classrooms:
Ms. Thao's ART:  jnopxij
Mr. Lovitt's PHOTOGRAPHY: ra6xrzk
6th - 8th Grade Library: bft44p3
Literary Winners were tied three ways!
1- My favorite activity to do with my family is going on lots of hikes and playing with our animals with my dad's family. My favorite activity to do with my moms family is going on hikes and playing my clarinet. I really like going to Arizona with both families.
2- My favorite thing to do with my family is watch a movie. I love this because, even if we don't realize it, we’re interacting. For example, when a funny scene comes up we laugh and have a conversation or repeat it with funny faces to make each other laugh. And also, my family just recently got a new huge tv and I get to have an opinion on what we are watching.
3- My family and I do lots of activities together that we enjoy and are used to spending lots of time together when we are in remote surf spots. Some of the ways we pass time together is we go surfing together, beachcomb, watch movies,and we think we are all funny. All of the things I've learned from traveling with my family have made sheltering in place an easy transition for me. Another thing my family and I love to do together is to cook.