Third Grade » Academics



Trinidad's math program for K-5th is My Math.  Concepts are introduced through critical thinking skills and applied math.  Students master their multiplication skills in Grade 3 and continue to excel in addition and subtraction. I also like to use the curriculum  Engage New York and Everyday Mathematics. Every morning student's start out with a Math Message activity or problem. We also use math story books, Khan Academy and Math Solutions to help understand concepts.

Language Arts

Students embark on reading, writing and word work adventures embedded in our Fountas and Pinnell Classrooms curriculum with the Daily 5 structure (Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Writing and Listen to reading).  After a whole group mini-lessons, students will be in guided reading groups, independent reading, book clubs, writing and word work centers to build fluency, comprehension, accuracy, expression.  Students flourish as independent learners and strengthen their love of reading. Students in daily 5 are responsible for:  daily reading log, reader's response, and strategy notes. 
An Example of a Language Arts Unit:
Students will also become a reading detective as part as our mystery book month in October. Book clubs explore mysteries and become reading detectives as they gather clues, identify suspects and solve the case. Each detective has a detective badge and a case file to keep all their clues. At the end of each mystery, detectives must fill out a detective case report.


Students will learn the writing process (prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, & publishing) as 
they learn how to write a
1.) Personal Narrative~  good beginning, details and descriptions, insight to why it is memorable, developed plot
2.) Paragraph essay with an introduction, conclusion, main idea and supporting details
3.) Reading Responses- how to give evidence and details from the text to support answers
4.) Persuasive Writing/ Opinion Writing
5.) Research Reports 
Students will be aiming to publish a piece once a month and every Friday will be able to share their work in the Author's chair!
Spelling- Word Work
The weekly spelling words are high frequency words students should be spelling correctly in their daily writing. Each week students will have 5-10 individualized high frequency words to study. The activities students may do in class are: play dough, sand writing, dry ears board, Spelling cards, word search and keyboard spelling.  They will also be learning a word pattern each work which they will also be tested on.

Students use the scientific process of discovery to explore our world by asking a question. We will be using an online curriculum called Mystery Science. Students units are Power of Flowers (Life Cycle, Traits and Heredity), Animals over Time (Habitats, Heredity and Change over time),  Invisible Forces (Forces and Motion, Magnetism), and Stormy Skies (Weather, Climate and Water Cycle). We will also immerse ourselves into ocean month and study the marsh habitat.


ENVIROSERVICE: Community service is an important part to better our world. I think it is valuable that we teach this to our students. Enviroservice is a way to give back to the community and our environment by partnering up with local scientist to assist them with their research.  On some years, we will be partnering up with a  biologist to help collect data on their research or for citizen science.  We will be doing transect surveys on Trinidad beach and gathering data to help with tidepool research.

Social Studies

Students will bring the past to life by visiting local areas and researching how local landmarks have changed over time. We will be studying Native American cultures, beliefs, customs and language.  There will be a unit on our historic Trinidad Lighthouse. We will also explore other culture and places during our holidays around the world tour.
Students will be learning basic landmarks, economics  and U.S. government structure.

PE & Health

Students will continue to grow in motor skills as they learn how to maintain a healthy body. Students continue to learn~ throwing, catching and moving skills.  I am looking for correct forms and effort. We will also be learning about the major organs and functions,  physical fitness concepts and principles, and rhythmic skills.


Students go to the computer lab 1 to 2 hours/week.  We will be using the program commonsense media to teach students how to become a responsible digital citizens.  Students will attend a typing camp to learn keyboard and typing skills with the program called "Typing without Tears". In addition, students will be learning how to create a digital story, write blogs, improving typing skills, and learning the basics of word and power point.  They will also learn how to use google docs and receive their first Trinidad accounts to access google docs. Student's email will be disabled.


Our gardening program is embedded in our science curriculum. Our gardening program, Life labs,  provides a hand-on experience on how plants grow and why plants are essential for life.  Please speak to Mrs. Leuck if you would like to volunteer in our garden!