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Welcome to Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to Trinidad School!  I am excited about the new school year! The start of classes bring us a mix of new experiences, familiar classmates, and new friends. I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you ad your family.

Our daily schedule, welcome letter, a supply list and a meet the teacher pdf can be downloaded on the side bar menu.

 We are looking forward to a happy and productive school year.  

School Information

School starts at 8:50 and ends at 2:45. Please be on time.  Our classroom activities start right at 8:50 and it is difficult for late students to adjust to the schedule. Don't forget Minimum Mondays.  Every Monday there is an early dismissal at 2:10.   

  • We do have a lunch and snack program.   Please pay with a check by the week or month.
  • Please make sure your child’s name is on everything (supplies, clothing, materials…)
  • Trinidad School's website has a lot of information about our school.  Check it out!
  • Check out Mrs. S' monthly newsletter in your child's Friday Folder for homework, field trips, important dates and all that good learning stuff:)

Toys, cell phones, i-pods and hand held devices

Although I am a technology geek, gizmos can be a great distraction for some students. For this reason, all toys and sports equipment must stay at home. If you bring them, it will go in the "June Drawer", which means you won't get it back till June! If you need to have your child have a phone, please contact me and we will come up with a plan to have it stowed away while your child is at school. A failure to follow this rule will result in your child’s phone being confiscated for the day and possibly banned from school. We have school ipads to access books online.