COVID-19 Parent Resources

Dr. Peter Stoll's article in the Northcoast Journal about Mental Health Support 
Meals for any person under 18 years of age are avaliable throughout Humboldt County at the following locations and times during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Northern Humboldt Union High School District has compiled recent information for families to review.  This information is updated as deemed necessary by NHUHSD.



March 2, 2020

Dear Trinidad Families,


With the recent local appearance of the coronavirus disease (covid-19) and the potential for community spread we have received some questions from parents and staff members about our preparedness and our ability to meet the needs of our students. At this time there is no imminent danger in sending your children to school. We have acted quickly to strengthen our universal precautions and preventative actions, these include:

  • Specific instruction for staff and students on the importance of washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Supplying all school sites with surface disinfectant
  • Providing alcohol based hand sanitizer in every room
  • Encouraging wash-in/wash-out practice when going in and out from classes
  • Teaching students about preventing spread of illnesses such as coughing into your elbow, Avoiding touching your face, and washing hands frequently
  • Reminding staff and students to stay home when feeling sick, including 24 hours after having a fever

At this point the covid-19 virus in Humboldt County is isolated and is being handled with a strict protocol from the CDC. We are not expecting covid-19 to enter our school at this time but we have strong plans in place if this status changes. We have a transparent process and will communicate openly as things change. We are still very concerned about the length and severity of the current influenza season. We are increasing our efforts to sanitize our classes and are working to re-educate students and parents on the basics of illness prevention. A good bulleted checklist is outlined below:

  • Remain at home when sick
  • Stay at home until fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines
  • Use respiratory etiquette – cover cough with tissue or sleeve
  • Wash hands frequently


Humboldt County Office of Education has launched the following website, for the purpose of educating schools and families about covid-19.  Additionally CDC has information at their website,, that outlines current statistics and preventative measures. 


Remember, at this time there currently no imminent danger that will result in districts needing to close.  


It is our desire to make sure that your students are safe, informed, and well cared for.  We will maintain transparency with our processes and policy as we move forward. 




Katie Cavanagh




March 20, 2020


Re: TUSD Schools Closed until 4/10/2020 to COVID-19 Concerns


Good Evening Trinidad School District Community:

I hope you and your families are well, we at school have missed seeing you in person though we are looking forward to meeting with you virtually very soon. I would like to update you on recent developments regarding the school’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns.   Last night Humboldt County Public Health and the Governor issued shelter in place orders.  This afternoon the Trinidad Union School District Board of Trustees met and voted unanimously to not only ratify the one-week school closure announced on 3/14/2020, but to extend the closure through 4/10/2020. We understand and regret the hardship school closure places on families, but the safety of students and staff is paramount.  Until that time our school campus will remain closed to the public at all times.


Although closed to students, our school will we remain dedicated to serving the needs of you and your family. During the first few closure days we had staff on site work to thoroughly, cleaning/disinfecting all surfaces. Our Food Services program was up and running on Monday and continues to provide meals for all children under the age of 18.  Beginning Monday March 23 we will be distributing meal boxes that will have one breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will be available for pickup between 12-1 PM daily at the Dragon Gate.  These meals, which are for children under 18, are free and will be available during the school closure period.


Our teaching teams have been meeting frequently and started our optional distance learning program on Thursday.  If you need to pick up materials, they are available outside the front office between 8-3 M-F and are self-serve. Please be patient as we transition away from our classroom based instructional program and begin rolling out cohesive distance learning opportunities for students. Staff are identifying learning objectives and activities to best facilitate distance learning.  Next week we will work to distribute technology to any student in grades TK – 3rd grades as they are needed.  If you have not already, please communicate with your classroom teacher whether or not you have a Google compatible device that has a video camera.


Education is still considered an essential service, while you are highly encouraged to follow the orders of our local and state officials as it pertains to shelter in place requirements,  remember that it is okay for you to come to school to either pick up food or to pick up school materials.


Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns.



Katie Cavanagh